Dahl's 6 Key Principles

Settlement Administration Solutions, Unsurpassed Value

From our President to our principals, project managers, and project teams, these six principles represent Dahl’s commitment to our clients.

No two class action cases are the same.

Custom Solutions

We don’t provide ‘turn-key’ processing solutions. Over the years, we have found that our clients expect more from us. We customize our solutions to meet our clients’ varied expectations and do it at a ‘turn-key’ price.

  • True Customization

    We deploy our expertise and tools to fit your project’s needs.

  • Your Project Your Way

    We don’t force your project into our process, we adjust our process to meet your requirements.

  • Adjustable and Adaptable

    We are nimble and proactive, enabling us to make real-time processing changes to meet your deadlines and requirements.

  • Client Expectation

    “We offer innovative, cost effective solutions designed to meet the unique requirements of your project.”