Dahl's 6 Key Principles

Settlement Administration Solutions, Unsurpassed Value

From our President to our principals, project managers, and project teams, these six principles represent Dahl’s commitment to our clients.

Superior case processing at the lowest possible price.

Affordable Class Action Claims Administration


In today’s economic times, price is always a factor. At Dahl, we have eliminated a lot of unnecessary overhead by focusing our staffing on project-based needs. Dahl employees work on projects. This allows us to keep rates low and stay focused on our clients.

  • Best Service at the Best Price

    We provide innovative and efficient services designed to administer your project correctly and cost-effectively.

  • Nimble and Right Sized

    We have project-based teams focused on your case solutions. All of our employees do project work, eliminating non-essential corporate overhead.

  • “We provide cost savings by combining low transaction costs with streamlined and experienced project management.”