Dahl's 6 Key Principles

Settlement Administration Solutions, Unsurpassed Value

From our President to our principals, project managers, and project teams, these six principles represent Dahl’s commitment to our clients.

We proudly accept responsibility for our work

Affordable Class Action Administration


We are experts at what we do. When you hire us the work is done correctly and we stand behind it. No exceptions.

  • Immediate Resolution

    When issues arise, we fix them. Dahl principals are actively involved in day-to-day client support and project management.

  • Project Team Responsibility

    Our project managers are empowered to make decisions and resolve issues directly, guided by Dahl principals who actively monitor every project.

  • True Real-time Quality Assurance

    We perform quality reviews continuously within the project processing cycle, not through a generic, detached auditing function.

"Our team meets with you to develop a detailed project plan and provides regular updates to ensure that issues are resolved immediately and that the project is completed successfully"