Class Action Fairness Act Notification Solution

CAFA notification requirements impose special challenges on settling defendants

  • Identify and notify appropriate state/federal officials

  • Tight timelines - within 10 days of filing proposed settlement

  • Compile required class member data and claim amounts

  • Include all required documents and information

  • Track deliveries and report delivery confirmations

Request a CAFA Notification

Dahl provides a flat-fee, 50-state CAFA Notification service that complies with all of the CAFA notice requirements. For only $1,450, Dahl will assemble all the necessary data and documents, deliver notice to the appropriate officials, track deliveries, and produce a delivery confirmation report, all within the required timelines. Dahl can also help with CAFA notifications that do not require 50-state notification - contact us for pricing for those circumstances.

By using Dahl's proven administration capabilities, CAFA Notification expertise, and our database of state and federal CAFA Notice recipients, settling defendants can be confident that their CAFA notification obligations have been met in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

CAFA Resources