The Dahl Administration Story

Dahl Administration has a history that stretches back to the beginnings of the class action settlement administration industry. Jeff Dahl was a founding partner of Rust Consulting and Kristin Dahl was Rust’s second employee. During their time with Rust, the firm managed over 2,000 class action settlements.

To focus on client needs, Jeff and Kristin created an organization that produces truly custom solutions, where project managers and principals actually answer their phones and emails, employees are empowered to resolve issues, and team members proactively communicate with clients to eliminate unwelcome surprises. The same people that consult and generate project proposals also attend weekly project update meetings and actively manage project work.

We are committed to managing successful projects that are completed on time, on budget, and with the highest level of quality in the industry. Contact us today to see how we can make you look good to your clients.

Client Stories

Our clients are extremely loyal.  Once an attorney has chosen Dahl to administer a case, the attorney almost always returns again and again.  Here is what they tell us brings them back.


“Best claims administrator that I have ever had the pleasure of working with. They did tremendous work that was on point and on budget.”

—Client Firm
Mark Mandell, Partner
Mandell, Schwartz & Boisclair, Ltd
Providence, Rhode Island

The Dahl Experience

Jeff Dahl was the Court-appointed Neutral Verification Expert on the $176 Million Station Fire settlement. Dahl provided on-site claim validation teams, including trained medical personnel, to review and score claims, including complex medical records, at 12 law firms in Rhode Island.

No Surprises

“I dealt with other administration firms before you, but from the first case I worked on with you, the difference was obvious. I am consistently impressed by the quality of work we receive from you, the timeliness of your responses to questions, and your overall attention to detail. I will continue to use you and recommend you to others.”

—Client Firm
John E. Campbell
The Simon Law Firm, P.C.
St. Louis, Missouri

The Dahl Experience

When unexpected next-day reporting was required for a settlement approval conference, the Dahl team worked overnight to perform complex data analysis and prepare comprehensive reporting so the information was available to an Arbitration panel the next day.


“I have used Dahl on many settlements. Dahl has always been able to utilize new technologies to come up with innovative claims and administrative solutions for my class action settlements. In addition their fees are always significantly less than the other claims administration firms.”

—Client Firm
Ralph Phalen, Partner
The Phalen Law Firm
Kansas City, Missouri

The Dahl Experience

Dahl provided class members with user-friendly notices and easy-to-use web and phone filing options to increase filing rates, reduce costs and improve accuracy on multiple projects involving auto purchases in Missouri.

Custom Solutions

“The service that the Dahl team provided us exceeded our expectations and made a difficult settlement process run very smoothly.”

—Client Company
John Tiller, President
Unified Life Insurance Company
Overland Park, Kansas

The Dahl Experience

Dahl provided ongoing outreach to hard-to-locate class members and offered alternative solutions to increase filing rates.


“When the Court issued an Order that allowed only three days to provide national notice, rather than ask for an extension from the Court, Dahl was able to get the notice out on time. This was a truly amazing task.”

—Client Firm
Brian England, Special Counsel
Sullivan & Cromwell LLP
Los Angeles, California

The Dahl Experience

Dahl has developed internal processes and vendor relations that allow us to meet notice deadlines even when they seem impossible. No one wants to go back to the Court for deadline extensions, and we work with our clients and vendors to ensure all deadlines are met. Our systems, procedures and, most importantly, our project teams are focused on meeting deadlines and providing exceptional service to our clients.

Custom Solutions

[Addressing Dahl’s claims website and call scripts]

“I have never seen one this comprehensive. This is great….  Would you mind if I shared this with the other magistrate judges?”

Transcript of Proceedings at 7, Yaakoby v. Eagle Rider, Inc., No. 1:09-cv-05772 (N.D. Ill. May 10, 2011).

—Hon Nan R. Nolan
Magistrate Judge
United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois

The Dahl Experience

Our goal at Dahl is not only to meet our clients expectations but to exceed them.